Denmark Company Formations

Denmark Company Incorporation

The Danish Anpartsselskab (ApS) is similar to a Limited Liability Company in the UK or the German GmbH.

Company Registration

Once we have received all the necessary due diligence information we can prepare the Memorandum and Articles of Association for your ApS

  • Reserving your Company Name
  • Liaising with the Danish Commerce and Companies Agency (Erhvers og Selskabsstyrelse)
  • Prepare your Company Registration Forms
  • Drafting the Articles of Association / Statutes
  • File the documents with the Erhvers - og Selskabsstyrelse
  • Appoint the Directors
  • Initial Government licence fee payable on incorporation
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Issue of shares and production of Share Certificates
  • All documents and certificates supplied in a professional folder
  • Delivery of documents by FedEx / DHL courier

Danish Anpartsselskab (ApS) Company Registration

Danish company incorporation requirements:

  • A registered office address is required.
  • Amount of Share capital and the Shares denomination
  • Any special requirements concerning the Articles of Association, including a qualified majority for certain decisions, convening of general meetings and pre-emption rights
  • We require the personal identification number (CPR-number) and private address of the Danish Board members and directors, and in case of foreign citizens we require their private address and a copy of their passport. There are rules on the number of foreigners on the Board and the Management
  • Provisions regulating the powers to sign on behalf of the company
  • The company's financial year, the first financial year can be up to 18 months
  • Whether to hold an actual statutory general meeting or a general meeting on paper, where no shareholders are present

Company Name

Your company name must be unique and must not already be registered with the the Danish Commerce and Companies Agency (Erhvers og Selskabsstyrelse). The word Anpartsselskab or an abbreviation thereof, must be part of the Company name.

Company Directors

Only one director is required for your Danish ApS. There are no resident or nationality requirements for management, including members of the Executive Board (CEO), Board of Directors or Supervisory Board.

Company Shareholders

A Danish ApS requires a minimum of one Shareholder.

Company Secretary

There is no statutory requirement for a Company Secretary to be appointed.

Authorised and Issued Share Capital

The minimum start up capital is DKK 50,000 (€6700). The capital can be paid up as cash contributions or a contribution of assets.

Tax Registration for your ApS

The Danish Central Business Registry  (Det Centrale Virksomhedsregister) will issue a CVR number. The registry will forward the CVR number to The Central Customs and Tax Administration, who we will contact to register your ApS for VAT and Corporate income tax.

Registered Office

All Danish companies must have a registered office address in Denmark. If you do not have an address we can provide one for you.

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Denmark Fees to Incorporate
  • Company Formation - a Danish company will cost £3400
  • Provision of Registered Office - £1480
  • Erhvervsstyrelsen Fee - DKK 670
  • Government fee - DKK 105
Annual Maintenance Fees
  • Provision of Registered Office - £1480
  • Annual Return, Government Fee - DKK 105
  • Directors Register Maintenance¬† - ¬£120
Denmark Advantages
  • Time - 7 - 14 days to incorporate your Danish company
  • Directors - only 1 director of any nationality is necessary for your company
  • Company Secretary - There is no statutory requirement for a Company Secretary to be appointed.
  • Shareholders - only 1 shareholder is required
  • Share Capital - the share capital requirement is DKK 50,000 (€6700)
  • Company Registration - We will register you ApS name with the Erhvers og Selskabsstyrelse
  • Tax - we will register your company for Corporate Income Tax and VAT with the Central Customs and Tax Administration
  • Support - using our 20 years experience we guide you throughout every step of the company formation process
Required to Proceed
  • Company Name - so we can check your company name is available
  • Documents - proof of address and copy of your passport
  • Form - complete this form
  • Upload - proof of address & copy passport can be uploaded here