China Ready Made Company

A ready made company is a quick and efficient way of incorporating, with your Chinese company being authorised to commence trading immediately on the day of purchase.

Our ready made companies are maintained up to Chinese accounts and reporting requirements, which includes preparing financial statements and annual returns for the years since the company has been registered - which gives the company a clean, up-to-date and credible financial history.

Upon purchase of a ready made company, you will be required to sign a document appointing new company directors, or alternatively by giving us Power of Attorney we are able to prepare these documents for you. The new directors will receive all official documentation, including Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum and Articles of Association and company secretarial forms.

Ease of Incorporation

The Chinese Government and relevant authorities require a magnitude of documents to be prepared and submitted, all ready made companies have already completed this registration procedure and the following has been completed:

  • Articles and Memorandum of Association and other statutory formation documents prepared and drafted
  • Certificate of Incorporation has been issued
  • Registered Address appointed
  • Company name reservation and registration
  • Initial Share capital fully paid up (High levels of share capital is required in China - €10,000 - 50,000)

The process of preparing and submitting these documents is complicated and time consuming, purchasing a ready made company circumvents this process and companies are authorised to begin trading immediately upon purchase, offering another benefit if a company is needed quickly.

We provide a Chinese shelf company with a registered address, where documents may be legally served, however, this address may be changed upon request.

Chinese companies must be quite specific regarding their business objects, our shelf companies are international business companies with a wide range of business objects offering a good scope for choice.

Each of our shelf companies has already registered a company name, however, it is quick to change a company name to suit your business and can be done if necessary the same day of purchase - company name restrictions on certain words apply in China, we can check your new company name with the relevant authorities.

Reputation and Credibility

For our shelf companies we have maintained up-to-date accounting and reporting records in-line with the requirements in China. This gives your ready made company a positive and clean history, adding both credibility to your business and boosting your companies reputation from the start.

Benefits to high levels of credibility include:

  • Business relationships with suppliers are often influenced by the age and reputation of a business
  • Clients are more likely to do business with a company with a proven and clean record
  • Bank loans, leases, credit cards, investment capital and other finance related products are more likely to be granted to an older and therefore more trustworthy company
  • Companies have no debts, receivables or liabilities

Registered Office

A Registered Office on the mainland is only available to companies with a proven track record, which new incorporation do not have. Purchasing a ready made company allows an immediate Registered Office to be completed as shelf companies are kept with an up-to-date and clean history.

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