Cayman Islands Ready Made Company

When purchasing a ready made company you purchase a package that enables you to start your business immediately, without the time consuming formalities associated with registering a new company in the Cayman Islands.

A ready made, or shelf company, is a company that we have registered and these companies have no business activity and have no receivables or liabilities. Our ready made companies have been fully maintained up to the Cayman Islands requirements.

  • Business relationships with suppliers and clients are often influenced by the age and credibility of a company
  • Bank loans, leases, investment capital and other financial related products are easier to obtain with a history

All ready made companies come complete with Articles and Memorandums of Association, Certificate of Incorporation and other statutory documents.

All companies are required to have an registered address in the Cayman Islands where documents may be legally served; our shelf companies come with this address.

Our shelf companies are international business companies with a wide range of business objects, company names are kept neutral (E.g. Investments, Property, etc) but we are able to change company names if necessary.

Once a ready made company has been purchased you will be required to sign a document appointing the new company director(s), and once the directors have been appointed, the company is authorised to commence business activities immediately. New directors will receive all official documentation, including Certificate of Incorporation and Memorandum and Articles of Association. Share certificates will also be issued to the new owners of the company.

The transfer of ownership is conducted through standard Share Transfer contract, with the company authorised to begin trading immediately after purchase.

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