Brazil Company Documents

As company incorporation agents our experience and relationship with the Brazil Commercial Registry means, we can obtain registry copies of company documents and conduct comprehensive Brazil company searches. We are able to supply copies of company documents from the Companies Registry in Brazil. In Brazil documents which can be provided are the Social Contract and latest amendments to the Articles of Association.

Brazil Company Registration Agency

In Brazil every State has a company registration agency, there is not a registry on a federal level, it is very limited. In order to access data, we require the identification number of the Brazilian company.

Brazil Company Search

We can provide a company search report on companies registered in Brazil, this includes the latest information filed with the Companies Registry.

We can provide a search on a Brazilian company which includes:

  • Company Name and Name Change if applicable
  • Company Number / Mercantile Registry number
  • Trade Name
  • Trading address
  • Date of Incorporation
  • Mercantile Registry date and Mercantile reference number
  • Company Type / Legal Form - limited liability company, privately-held corporation - A Closely-held Corporation is a company in which a small group of shareholders controls the majority of the shares
  • Current Legal Status - Good Standing, Struck Off
  • Registered trading/ office address
  • Company contact details for the registered/ trading address
  • Business Category
  • Company principal activity - description of the principal activity

Details on the Share Capital including:

  • Capital structure including - authorised nominal capital, issued capital and paid-up share capital - where available

Details on each Shareholder including:

  • Company Shareholders - including shareholders name or company name
  • Company Shareholders - percentage of shares held

Details on the Management including:

  • Board of Directors and management - including position held - president, vice president, director
  • Full Name

Additional details including::

  • Tax ID Number
  • Historical company summary - where available
  • Dates of any bylaw alterations at the Registry
  • Sales and Trading details - including export sales
  • Latest Financial Statements including balance sheets in R$/ Brazilian Real - where filed
  • Ultimate Parent company
  • Additional details - where available
  • Financial Statements Analysis - where available
  • Related Companies/ Subsidiaries - including company name and address

Brazil Company Search Report - Timescale

The search report is delivered by email in 14 days. A Company Search Report can be provided on an express service in 7 working days.

Brazil has introduced the concept of Small and Medium Entities (SMEs), and those companies who qualify as a SME benefit from simplified accounting and auditing requirements.

Financial Statements

All Brazilian companies are required to prepare and file annual financial statements, which must also be published in the official Gazette. The obligation to have these statements audited depends on what category a company falls into, determined generally by its size, type of company and industry in which it operates. The annual financial statements should include a balance sheet, income statements, P&L, shareholders equity statement, changes in fiscal position and accompanying explanatory notes. Financial Statements are where available included in the company search.

Annual Return

Brazilian companies must file an annual return within four months of the calendar year end. The annual return includes the name and address of all company directors, company's primary business activities, shareholders details, share structure and the registered address of the Brazilian company.

Brazil Company Credit Reports

With a Brazil Company Credit Report we conduct an investigation on the target company, including the latest information on the company held by the Companies Registry and credit recommendations are included, where financial data has been analysed.

Apostilled Brazil Company Documents

Company Documents no longer require legalisation at the Consulate, as Brazil joined the Hague Convention.

Brazil Company Documents

We can provide searches for companies registered in Brazil, please complete our enquiry form for your Company Documents requirements.

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Brazil Document Fees
  • Express Company Search Report - 7 Days - £250
  • Company Search - 14 Days - £196