Belarus Company Documents

As company incorporation agents our experience and relationship with the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Belarus means, we can obtain registry copies of company documents and conduct comprehensive Belarus company searches.

We are able to supply company documents from the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Belarus. All companies are required to file an annual financial statement with the Belarus authorities, however, these documents are only made public if your company falls into any of the following categories:

  • Banks and non banking credit and financial institutions
  • Insurance and reinsurance companies, this includes insurance brokers
  • Open joint-stock companies
  • Issuers of securities

Belarus Company Search Report

With a Belarus Company Search Report we conduct an investigation on the target company, include the latest information on the company held by the Companies Registry.

Financial Statements

All companies must produce an annual financial statement, which must be audited and submitted to the relevant authorities by 1 April of each year. The companies financial statements must also be filed with the state statistics authority and, as the financial statement is the basis for taxation, the Taxation Ministry.

The statutory financial statement should comprise of the following, prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) with the Finance Ministry of Belarus establishing the format for the financial statements presentation:

  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit & Loss
  • Equity statement
  • Cash flow
  • Explanatory notes

The financial statements must account for the period from 1 January to 31 December, and be presented before the annual general meeting for approval before being submitted. Furthermore, within 30 days of having the financial statements audited, any necessary recommendations made by the auditor must be completed.

Accounting Records

Accounts must be filed with the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Belarus and signed by the company's chief accountant.

The financial year follows the calendar year from 1 January to 31 December. For newly incorporated companies their first fiscal year is from the date of incorporation to 31 December of the same year.

Belarus Certificate of Incorporation

The Ministry of Trade includes into the Trade Register information about trading entities. We can provide a registry copy of the company incorporation certificate which includes the company name, company number, date of incorporation and states that a company is incorporated under the relevant companies act.

Annual Return

All companies must file an annual return with the Belarus authorities, which reports on the company's share capital structure, shareholders, directors, registered address, etc.

Memorandum of Association

We can provide copies of Belarus companies Memorandum of Association which includes, the company name, registered office, registered agent, business activities, share capital the company is authorised to issue, objects and powers of the Belarus company.

Articles of Association

Company Articles of Association are a statutory company document which form the company's constitution and internal rules under which the Belarus company will be run.

Accounts and Reports

Belarus has auditing, accounting and reporting requirements which means we are most likely able to obtain copies of the company's financial statements, directors reports and accounting statements.

Shareholder List

The shareholders' register, contains a list of the shareholders and the amount of shares they hold, and the amount paid-up on each share.

Company Directors

Companies have a legal obligation to maintain certain company registers, we can provide details of the registered company directors for Belarus companies.

Belarus Company Documents

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Belarus Company Formation

To set up and register a limited company in Belarus:

  • Obtain a certificate from the Ministry of Justice verifying your proposed company name
  • Open a provisional bank account at a Belarusian bank and make a 50% deposit of the proposed funds
  • Obtain notarised copies of certificates of incorporation
  • Prepare a business seal
  • Register with the tax authorities and obtain your tax identification number
  • Have your business seal and signatory card notarised
  • Open a regular bank account

To incorporate a Belarus company the following is required for the Ministry of Trade of The Republic of Belarus:

  • Proposed Company Name
  • Brief Description of Company Activities
  • Shareholders Details
  • Company Directors Details
  • Share capital information - How much and how it will be paid
  • Company bank account information. both a provisional bank account for share capital and a current business account is necessary
  • Preparation of business seal, which will be issued on completion of incorporation
  • Belarusian Registered Office Address
  • Individuals and representatives of Belarusian companies are required to provide copies of their passports
  • Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association
  • Certain Apostille documents may need to be translated into Russian/Belarusian by a Belarusian translator

Belarus Company Type

A Limited Liability Company (Obshchestvo s Ogranichennoy Otvetstvennostyu or OOO) is the most common company in Belarus for foreign investment and has a relatively simple incorporation process.

Share Capital

The minimum share capital required, for companies with foreign investment is €20,000. The share capital must be paid in full within one year of the company registration and the opening of a provisional bank account to hold the share capital is required.

Company Shareholders

A minimum of two and maximum of 50 shareholders are required.

Company Directors

Only one director is required and can be a non-resident. Non-resident can be a director of a company with foreign investments without any additional permits

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