Australia Ready Made Company

A ready made, 'shelf' or 'aged' company is a company created but left with no activity - put on the 'shelf' to 'age'. We can provide a ready-made company, complete with all necessary documentation.

A ready made company is a very quick and efficient of incorporating in Australia it is fully incorporated and ready to trade the same day of purchase.

Purchasing a shelf company is beneficial in terms of both business efficiency and reputation. Ready made companies have complete statutory documents, have been fully maintained up to accounting and reporting standards and can commence business activities immediately after purchase.

The main benefits of purchasing a ready made company in Australia are:

  • skip the incorporation and registration process
  • no need to draft new Articles and Memorandums of Association
  • company is permitted to commence trading immediately on the day of purchase
  • companies are in a sound financial position - with all financial statements, annual returns, etc being submitted in accordance with Australian accounting principles
  • age of a company increases the reputation, as the company is not a new startup - this gives credibility and opens up opportunities regarding clients, business loans and investment capital
  • company name, business objects and registered address may be changed to suit your requirements

Our ready made companies have neutral names, for example, Investments, Exports, Technology, Industries, etc, however, we are able to conduct a company name change if necessary on the same day of purchase.

You will be required to sign a document appointing a new director(s), or by giving us Power of Attorney we are able to sign these documents on your behalf. Directors of choice will be appointed and will receive all official documentation, including Certificate of Incorporation and Memorandum and Articles of Association.

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