Company Namecheck

Using our relationship with the Companies Registries we are able to conduct a comprehensive company namecheck in order to either check the availability of a company name for the purpose of a new incorporation or check the existence of an already incorporated company, providing company documents if required.

Company Namecheck - New Incorporation

If you are looking to incorporate a new company our namecheck service will check your proposed company name is in compliance with all rules and regulations and will also confirm with the Companies Registry that no other company is registered with an identical or deceptively similar name. Once we have completed the namecheck, we are able to reserve this name with the Companies Registry for 24 hours in which time we begin the process necessary to incorporate your company.

Company Namecheck - Company Documents & Company Search

Our company namecheck service can also confirm the existence and details of an already incorporated company by contacting the Companies Registry. Once we have received information from the Registry we can conduct a company search providing further company information such as financial documents, credit reports, company registers and copies of official company documents such as the Certificate of Incorporation.

To order a company namecheck please complete the form below by entering the company name and selecting which type of namecheck service you require. We will respond to your namecheck request via email.

Company Namecheck