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International Company Formations

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Company Registration Procedure

The registration procedure to incorporate your new company is:

Company Name Approval - The company name must be officially approved by the Registrar of Companies

File statutory documents - For your company to be registered, we file the statutory documents including the Memorandum and Articles of Association with the Registrar of Companies. The Articles of Association are the company's constitution and the internal procedures under which the company will be run. We can provide a standard Articles of Association document that is suitable for most requirements.

Registered Office/Registered Agent - We can provide a registered office address for your new company, this legal address is a requirement to incorporate your new company.

Issue a Certificate of Incorporation - Once all the required documents have been lodged correctly with the Registrar, they will issue a Certificate of Incorporation for your new company. The Certificate of Incorporation states that a company is registered and includes the company name, company registration number and the date of incorporation.

Company Incorporated - We have now incorporated your company, according to your specifications, then the registration documents are couriered to you and your company is ready to start trading.

Company Secretarial Services - We can assist you with any company secretarial advice you may require and can also carry out company secretarial duties on your behalf.

Registration Requirements

For the purpose of your company incorporation, the following information is required:

  • Proposed Company Name
  • Description of the planned Business Activities
  • Name, address, nationality, passport number and occupation of the Directors
  • Name, address, nationality, passport number and occupation of the Shareholders
  • The number of shares to be issued to each Shareholder
  • Company Secretary Particulars - where required we can provide a company secretary service

Main types of company:

  • Private company limited by shares (Ltd)- shareholders liability is limited to the amount unpaid on shares they hold.
  • Public limited company (PLC) - the company's shares may be offered for sale to the general public and members' liability is limited to the amount unpaid on shares held by them.
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To incorporate in most countries, we require the following details:
  • Company - Your proposed company name
  • Directors - The full name, date of birth, address and nationality of the directors
  • Shareholders - The full name and address of the shareholders
  • And you will need to provide only the following documentation:
  • ID - Proof of identity - passport, national identity card
  • Directors - Proof of residential address - gas/electricity bill or credit/debit card bank statement
Where should I incorporate
  • Formacompany has over 20 years’ experience forming companies all over the world,
  • Requirements - Our knowledge of the incorporation requirements and processes for each jurisdiction
  • Incorporate - There are often several options available to you when it comes to incorporating
  • Country - First critical step is establishing where you want to do business.
  • Offshore - Offshore companies are not liable for any capital gains tax, estate duty or death duty, and even though
  • Company - Setting up your business in one of these jurisdictions can be a great vehicle for international trade
  • Support - We offer advice and guide you through every step of the company formation process