Company with Bank Account

Literally every day we get requests for a ready made company with a bank account and enquiries pertaining to stand alone bank account opening.

Questions we get every day

We are interested to purchase a LLC incorporated 5 to 10 years old and shall have import & export trading with establish bank account and we would like to open another account also with one of the Cyprus Bank which can offer 100% online banking facilities.

Ready Made Company with a Bank Account

Opening a bank account is a separate process to incorporating a company, it is not possible to purchase a company with a bank account already active. We cannot provide a ready made company with a bank account as the banks require evidence of our clients identities.

If obtaining a bank account is your primary purpose we are unable to assist. We do not offer bank account opening as a stand alone service.

Bank Account Opening Assistance

Once we have incorporated your company we can assist you with opening a bank account but the bank will require evidence of our clients' identities and for some countries it may be necessary to personally visit the bank.

We can only provide bank account introduction services alongside ordering of a company formation or you can complete the application forms yourself online:


barclays bank   hsbc bank   lloyds bank   natwest bank

Offshore Bank Account

Once we have incorporated your company, we can assist you in opening an offshore business bank account. there is no requirement for you to make a personal visit to the bank branch or travel to our office. The procedure can be completed remotely. We will liaise with the bank on your behalf throughout the application process.

We offer introductions to Euro-Pacific and Choice Bank for all your corporate banking requirements. The process can take up to 2 weeks for completion and costs £650 (plus VAT). Our fee is inclusive of all courier costs (if applicable) and a full set of apostilled company documents, as required by the bank.

Both banks offer full banking facilities, online account access, credit/ cash cards and accounts in all major currencies - Euros, British Pound Sterling, US/ Canadian Dollar and Japanese Yen.

UK Non-Resident Bank Account

Due to the strict anti-money laundering measures and compliance issues in the UK, we are unable to offer bank account introduction in cases where company officers are non-UK residents. It is not a legal requirement for a UK company to have a UK bank account. Some of the larger banks such as Barclays and HSBC operate international banking centres across the world and are both popular in the UK and overseas. If you have one of these international banks local to you it may be worth approaching them for assistance.

Nominee Services and Bank Accounts

Where nominee services are in place we are unable to assist with the opening of a bank account. Money Laundering Provisions of recent years have required banks to know their customers and nominees, by there very nature, might obstruct this obligation.

Offshore Bank Account
  • Bank Introduction Fee - £650 (plus VAT) Our fee is inclusive of all courier costs (if applicable) and a full set of apostilled company documents.