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Canada Ready Made Company

Our ready made companies in Canada are complete with all documents, Memorandum and Articles of Association, Certificate of Incorporation and are authorised to commence trading immediately after purchase.

We have the several aged federal and provincial shelf corporations available, most of the federal shelf corporations have extra provincial registered in Ontario.

  • No debts or liabilities
  • Fully organised minute books
  • Up-to-date resolutions
  • Annually filed with government
  • Is in Good Standing
  • Have never been in default or revoked
February 2020Federal£4,534
March 2020Federal£4,534
February 2020ProvincialQuebec£4,284
March 2020ProvincialQuebec£4,284
March 2020Federal£4,584
April 2011ProvincialBritish Columbia£9,000
April 2009ProvincialBritish Columbia£11,000
April 2011ProvincialOntario£9,000
April 2009ProvincialOntario£11,000

Our shelf companies have a numbered company name, should you wish us to change to the name of the corporation, the fee is £280 + $177 government fee.

We can assist with Tax registration QST, GST & Corporate Income Tax Account.

GST is a federal sales tax levied on taxable goods and services. If you sell non-taxable goods, then you cannot register. If you are a small company sales less than $30,000 then registration is not required. If you supply taxable services or property, then you must collect QST and remit this to the government.

The incorporation process for a new Canadian company takes around 2-3 weeks, purchasing a Canadian ready-made company can be completed in one day. Furthermore, ready made companies already have a registered address, incorporation certificates, Memorandum and Articles of Association drafted and documented.

Our Canadian shelf companies have all been fully maintained up to Canadian reporting and accounting standards which includes, filing of financial statements and annual returns, fully organized minute books, stock certificates and up-to-date revolutions.

A full and clean business history offers many benefits:

  • company image and credit facilities available enhance with age – a company in a sound financial position for years is looked more favourable upon by banks and investors
  • government tenders – some government contracts are only available to companies who have operated for a certain number of years
  • higher levels of credibility with lenders, suppliers and clients
  • credit cards, leases and other financial products are more likely to be granted to an established company with a clean record

Our shelf companies in Canada offered limited liability to shareholders, are international business companies and have a wide range of business objects.

All shelf companies come with a registered address in Canada, which can be changed upon request.

Your company is ready to trade immediately after purchase and share ownership has been transferred, offering an extremely quick and simple incorporation alternative.