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BVI Ready Made Companies

We only stock one or two BVI ready made companies, as there is no longer any time saved purchasing a ready made as a new incorporation only takes 4 to 6 days.

xxx Consultants Ltd – 8 years old Ready Made Company for sale

BVI Company Incorporated Nov 2012 – In Good Standing – 8 years Registry filings, Registered Agent and Office in the BVI – £5400

You may need an aged corporation for the following reasons:

The age of your company can sometimes affect the business you wish to conduct. For some people, the number of years a company has been in existence may affect how much confidence they have in the company.

In many countries, government contracts may only be awarded to companies that have been trading for a number of years.

In terms of building credit, an aged company will be in better standing than a new incorporation.

All of our BVI Ready Made Companies:

  • Are International Business Companies
  • Offer shareholders limited liability
  • Can have a sole director and sole shareholder
  • Have a company registration number available immediately
  • Have wide ranging objects and can be used for most business activities

A Ready Made Company includes:

  • Articles of Association/Statutes
  • Registered Agent and Office in the BVI
  • Incorporation Certificate
  • Company name approved and registered

The company name, business objects, registered address and Articles of Association may all be changed if required.

Appointing the new Directors

The company directors will be changed from our staff directors to the directors of your choice and all the formation documents such as the Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum and Articles of Association of the company and the relevant Company Secretarial forms are also immediately available.