Belize Registered Agent

We can provide Licensed Registered Agent services in Belize for your IBC to ensure your company remains in Good Standing at the Companies Registry. We draft a resolution of Directors, amend the Memorandum to change the place of its registered office and registered agent in Belize.

Belize Registered Agent - Chapter 270 PART IV Belize International Business Companies A

43.-(1) A company incorporated under this Act shall at all times have a registered agent in Belize. (2) No person shall act or hold himself out as a registered agent for international business companies unless he has obtained a licence from the International Financial Services Commission established under the International Financial Services Commission Act, and every person who contravenes this provision commits an offence and shall be liable to the penalties prescribed under that Act.

44.-(1) A company incorporated under this Act may, by a resolution of directors, amend its Memorandum to change the place of its registered office or to change its registered agent. (2) A resolution made pursuant to subsection (1) above to change the registered agent shall become effective three working days after notice of such change has been sent by registered mail properly addressed to the registered agent being so removed.

Belize Registered Agent Duties

The Registered Agent is legally responsible for safe custody and update of the Memorandum and Articles of Association, the Register of Shareholders, the Register of Directors, copies of all resolutions, notices and filings produced by the company.

Unless the directors of the company have resolved otherwise, the Registered Agent is also the custodian for all Minutes of the Meetings and Resolutions of Shareholders, and all Minutes of Meetings and Resolutions of Directors. It is the duty of the Registered Agent to keep these documents up-to-date and available for inspection by the directors and shareholders of the IBC.

Finally, the Registered Agent acts as the official intermediary between the offshore company and the Belize Government, in particular the payment of the Government renewal taxes.

Change your IBC Registered Agent

Written request is sent to the current Registered Agent, asking him to resign and pass the administration of your IBC company to our Licensed Registered Agent in Belize. The Belize Business Companies Act actually provides for a procedure whereby a transfer of a company to another Registered Agent can be completed without obtaining a formal release from the previous Agent.

Although the change of Registered Agent is fairly straightforward, clients acting in bad faith (for instance, trying to avoid the payment of past-due company agent fees) will encounter difficulties, they may find that no other Registered Agent is willing to accept the administration of their Belize company

Transfer your Registered Agent to System Day Ltd

Please email us with the name of your Belize IBC, we will initially undertake a company search to prepare the company resolution and contact the previous registered agent.

Transferring Registered Agent fees:

  • Company Search to ascertain documents and standing
  • Transfer-Out fee charged by your current Registered Agent
  • Due diligence for new Shareholders
  • Registered Office /Registered Agent 12 months fee
  • Directors Register Maintenance fee 12 months fee
  • Belize Registered Agent Transfer Fees
    • Belize Agent Fee - US$400
    • Company Search - £112
    • Due-Diligence Fee - £120
    • Provision of Registered Office - £320
    • Directors Register Maintenance - £120
    • Our Service Fee - £320