Belize Ready Made Company

We have a selection of ready made International Business companies available in Belize which can be transferred to you upon purchase and are authorised to begin trading immediately.

The companies have neutral names which means they are suitable for most activities, our fee includes a change of company name if required.

Established Company

Established companies, also known as Shelf, Aged or Vintage are companies that were incorporated by us some time ago. They have never traded and have filed dormant accounts each year after incorporation.

Aged companies offers many benefits:

  • Your corporate image and credit facilities available can be enhanced with age
  • You may be in a better position to bid for contracts with an older company
  • Obtaining bank loans is easier when you can show you have history as most lenders require a minimum of 2 years history in order to establish corporate credit history
  • Clients and suppliers look more favourably upon companies with a stable history

Our Belize Ready Made companies:

  • Have wide objects and can be used for most business activities
  • Are International Business Companies
  • Offer shareholders limited liability
  • Have an approved and registered company name
  • Have Memorandum and Articles of Association prepared and drafted
  • Have a registered address in Belize

The company objects, company name, registered address and Articles of Association may all be changed if necessary to match your requirements.

Appointing the new Directors

To become the director of your new company, you will need to sign a document that appoints you as the new director and confirms our resignation. This can be achieved with a power of attorney which we can issue for this purpose.

The directors will then be appointed to your company and you will receive all the official documentation that you need, including the Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum and Articles of Association of the company and the relevant company secretarial forms.

Belize Advantages
  • Directors - only 1 director of any nationality is necessary for your company
  • Shareholders - only 1 shareholder is required
  • Share Capital - there are no minimum share capital requirement
  • Confidential - the names of the directors and shareholders do not appear on public record
  • Support - using our 20 years experience we guide you throughout every step of the company formation process
Belize Annual Maintenance Fees
  • Provision of Registered Office and Resident Agent - £420