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Dormant, non-trading company 

A Dormant or Non-Trading company normally has no trading activity and no bank account. They still are required to file a Corporation Tax return with HMRC and Accounts with the Companies Registry.

We can act as your Tax Agent and assist with the preparation and filing of the dormant company accounts and  informing HMRC that no tax is due.

Company with no trading activity, but with assets

It is possible to have a Dormant company with no transactions, but the company holds an asset like a Property, Yacht or Trademarks

We can act as your Tax Agent and assist with the preparation and filing of the  dormant company accounts showing the assets on the Balance Sheet and and  informing HMRC that no tax is due.

Trading Company

A Trading Company has a bank account and has an income.

To ensure that your company is kept in Good Standing, we can prepare and submit the company accounts, annual return and tax returns on your behalf.

UK Accountancy Services

Our fixed fee accountancy packages includes completion of accounts, corporation tax computations and filing your Confirmation Statement.

UK Corporation Tax Return

All UK companies; whether they are limited companies or limited partnerships need to lodge tax returns.

The UK operates a self assessment system for corporation tax.

The company must

  • inform the HMRC that they have started business by registering on-line. This is usually done by the tax agent
  • file a company tax return and supporting documents online and in the format iXBRL
  • Compiling and lodging the annual accounts electronically in iXBRL format to the Registry of Companies in accordance with accounting rules and legislation
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