UK Tax Agent

Using us as your UK Tax Agent, we will represent your UK company and deal with HM Revenue & Customs with regards your corporation taxation and VAT filings.

We will have continuous internet access to all details about your account with the tax authorities for all the taxes you pay, and we will deal with your company tax correspondence with the H M Revenue & Customs.

  • The HMRC will then correspond with us regarding all of the taxation affairs of your company
  • Deal with all initial forms received from H M Revenue & Customs upon incorporation
  • We will then be able to register you for any taxes you need to pay

Taxes for which a UK Tax Agent can assist

  • Corporation Tax
  • VAT and import and export of goods
  • Taxes withheld for employees and directors - Social Security and Advanced Income Tax, PAYE
  • Payments through the Constructor's Industry Scheme
  • Income Tax- for directors of limited companies and for members of LLP in all circumstances

UK Company Corporation Tax Requirements

A UK company must file a notice of its existence to the H M Revenue & Customs within 3 months of incorporation, and must file with the HMRC a Corporation Tax Return no later than 12 months after its year end. Should either of these dates be missed then penalties and interest become payable.

  • We will assist and submit your company annual Corporation Tax return
  • Organise collection and payment of the corporation tax
  • Obtain CTA09/S18 exemption for the company – if some Corporation Tax is due in accordance with rules of other countries

A UK Tax Agent and registering for VAT

There are two very common situations which we can assist with:

  • Where a company needs to register and to collect VAT in the UK
  • Where a company wants to register for VAT in the UK, because they have a British company for European business

Where a company needs to register for VAT

All companies which are trading in the UK, and which do not have resident directors have to register for VAT in the UK.

Obtaining the EORI number for import and export from outside the European Union

Your company will need an EORI number to import and export goods from and to the European Union. The number is usually obtained in the UK when the company is incorporated there; even if the company has a connection with another European country.

Applying for Certificate of Residency to avoid double tax

We can request a certificate of tax residency. the content and form of this certificate depends on: 

  • the type of tax or withholding tax that can be reduced in the other country
  • the wording of the Double Tax Treaty with that country
  • the relationship that your country has with the UK: for example, resident directors, employees, where the customers and clients are.