Obtaining your Spanish NIE number

To be appointed as a Director or Shareholder of a Spanish company you will need an NIE identification number.

We offer two services:

  • NIE through visit to our office in Madrid
  • NIE if you are unable to visit

NIE number, through a visit

We will accompany you together with your passport to the Police commisariat, and we should obtain the NIE number within an hour or so, alternatively you can sign a Power of Attorney with our Notary here in Madrid.

This is a specific notarial protocol which is used for this purpose, and we use this document as it is familiar to the Police.

This Power only gives us:

  • Authority to complete the application form
  • Authority to present the application form and to present a legalised copy of your passport to the Police
  • Authority to collect the number and your personal certificate, once the number is issued

NIE number, if you are unable to visit

If visiting Spain is not possible you sign a dual language version of the Power of Attorney, to be signed in the presence of a notary where you live. The notary will witness your signature and send the notarial document back to us where we will arrange for it to be apostilled or legalised for use in Spain.

We will require:

  • A Power of Attorney notarised
  • Copy of your passport legalised for use in Spain

This Power then gives us the authority to complete and lodge the application with the Police commisariat, and obtain the document showing your NIE number

Fiscal Identity Number for your Spanish company (CIF)

If the company is going to have corporate shareholders; every corporate shareholder will need a CIF number and we can obtain this for you. 

We will need legalised documents of your company, which will then be given to the tax authorities here, so you can be allotted a number. The process will consist of the following steps:

  • We obtain a legalised/notarised Certificate from the Register of Companies in your country stating that the company exists.
  • We get an authorisation from you; allowing us to act and lodge documents on your behalf
  • We translate the documents, lodge them with the tax office and obtain the CIF number.