Seychelles Ready Made Company

As incorporation in the Seychelles can be achieved in 2 days we suggest incorporating a new company rather than buying a ready made one. The exception to this is if you are looking to gain a business history with your ready made company.

Established Seychelles Company

Established companies are companies that were incorporated by us some time ago and were put on the shelf to age. They have never traded and have filed dormant accounts every year.

Reasons for purchasing an established/aged company

  • The credibility of your business can be improved with a company that has a longer history
  • You may be in a better position to bid for contracts with an older company.
  • Many countries require a business to have been incorporated for at least 2 years before allowing them to bid for contracts
  • Lenders often require a business to have been in existence from six months to two years before lending - this time period can sometimes be longer
  • Obtaining bank loans and credit facilities are easier when you can show you have a long history.

Changes to the company

We can file to change the company name on the same day of purchase if required, and change the business objects, registered office and articles of association if required.