Panama Ready Made Companies

Due to the short and simple incorporation process in Panama, taking only 2 days, ready made companies are not recommended. Ready made companies are still available if required, which come fully registered and with a wide range of business objects. Shelf companies do come with the benefit of having a financial history.

Established companies

Established companies, also known as shelf, aged or vintage, are companies that were incorporated by us some time ago and were put on the shelf to age. They have never traded and have filed dormant accounts each year after incorporation, so they have been in a constant state of good standing with the registry.

Benefits of an Established company

  • Government Agencies, distributors and manufacturers often require a company to have been in business for a certain period of time in order to do business with them
  • Corporate image is enhanced with age
  • Most lenders require a minimum of two, usually three, years history in order to establish a corporate credit history
  • Obtaining a Business Visa for company directors or work permits is easier with an established company
  • Access to corporate credit is easier

Changing the company name

It is possible to change the name of your established company in around 3 to 5 days, however, for an extra governmental fee the name change can take place within a few hours.

Please contact us for a list of our established companies.

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