Panama Ready Made Companies

Due to the short and simple incorporation process in Panama, taking only 2 days, ready made companies are not recommended.

Ready made companies are still available if required, which come fully registered and with a wide range of business objects and can be transfered in 5 days.

We have available "shelf" companies, which have been incorporated in 2016, and prior years, ready for immediate use.  Such companies have been maintained under our strict control since incorporation, with no activity whatsoever, and with members of our agents bonded personnel appointed as directors and officers.  The list of shelf companies is extensive. Names available and cost of acquisition is quoted upon request, indicating month(s) and year(s) of preference.

Shelf Companies

They have never traded, and have filed dormant accounts each year, so they have been in a constant state of Good Standing with the comapnies registry.

Panama Ready Made fees
  • Time - We always have a Panama SA shelf company available which can be transferred to you in 5 days
  • 2016 Ready Made - £820
  • Registered Office fee - £480
  • Government Registration Fee - US$300