Ireland Ready Made Company - Private Limited Company

Ireland Ready Made Company

We have ready made companies but, unless you require a company immediately, it would be cheaper and neater simply for us to incorporate a new company for you with your chosen company name. This can be done in less than a week.

A ready made will be more expensive as you need to transfer shareholders, appoint directors, and probably change the constitution, together with a change of company name.

Shelf corporations are simply companies that have been incorporated, but have never been used. Here are some reasons why a shelf corporation may be beneficial for you:

  • Establishing a history for your corporation
  • Company can commence activities immediately after purchase
  • Obtaining bank loans is often easier if you can show your company has a history
  • Bidding on contracts may require your company to be a certain age
  • Corporate image improves with age

A ready made company will be essential if a company is required immediately and no time can be allowed for the 5 - 7 day incorporation process to be completed.

We do hold a a few Irish ready-made companies available for immediate purchase, please contact us for details.