Hong Kong - Company Restorations

We can restore your Hong Kong company if struck off the Hong Kong Companies Register.

Struck off companies are restored automatically on payment of all outstanding licence fees, penalties and the government company restoration fee.

Once your Hong Kong company is restored to the register it is deemed never to have been struck off and deemed to be in continued existence.

A company dissolved by striking off by the Registrar of Companies may apply for restoration by administrative restoration or by court order.

To restore your Hong Kong company we will need to instruct a HK lawyer their fee will be around £2,000.

De-registration, Striking Off and Winding Up

In Hong Kong de-registration, striking off and winding up all result in the dissolution of your company.

Restore a de-registered company

De-registration is a procedure for dissolving defunct solvent companies, a company which meets the required conditions may be dissolved by applying for de-registration under section 750 of the Companies Ordinance.

To restore a de-registered company an application is made to the Court of First Instance for the restoration of the company pursuant to section 765(2) of the Companies Ordinance.

An application for restoration of the dissolved company can be made up to 20 years after the date of the dissolution of the company.

We submit all the outstanding documents in respect of your Hong Kong company and the statutory returns must be filed by your company.

Administrative Restoration

A dissolved company can apply for administrative restoration, a dissolved local company must make an application within 20 years of the date of dissolution.

The director or shareholder of the company can apply to the Registrar of Companies for administrative restoration of the dissolved company, the applicant must bring up to date records of the company to update the records held by the Registrar of Companies.

Registrar of Companies - Striking off

The Registrar of Companies may strike the name of a company off the Register under the Companies Ordinance where the Registrar has reasonable cause to believe that the company is not in operation or carrying on business.

Effect of a company being struck off

Once the company has been struck off, neither the company nor any directors or shareholders may carry on any business or in any way deal with the assets or affairs of the company.