Registry Copies of Official Gibraltar Company Documents

As company incorporation agents our experience with Companies House in Gibraltar means we can obtain company search reports, certified copies of company documents held by the registry.

A certified document is where Gibraltar Companies House officially stamps or signs the document to verify its authenticity.

Gibraltar Annual Returns

The annual return is a statutory form companies registered in Gibraltar need to file with Companies House, it is a requirement under the Gibraltar Companies Act.

We can provide scanned copies of the most recent annual return filed by the Gibraltar company and historical copies of older annual returns. Company registered in Gibraltar are required to file an Annual Return on an annual basis at the registry.

When ordered scanned copies of the annual return are delivered by email within 2 - 3 days, older archived documents can take longer.

The annual return includes the following information on the company on the date the return is filed:

  • Particulars of Directors of the Limited company on the date of the Annual Return including full name, nationality, country of origin, residential address and business occupation
  • Particulars of Secretaries of the company including full name, nationality country of origin, residential address & business occupation
  • List of the names and residential address of all the persons authorised to represent the Company as representatives of the Company for the business
  • Summary of the Authorised Share Capital and Share

The form is signed by a director or secretary of the company under Section 390(f) of the Companies Act.

Company Search Report

We can provide a company search report on companies registered in Gibraltar and is a summary of the latest information on the company held by Companies House.

The company search report includes the following information from the Gibraltar Companies House:

  • Company Name and Name Change if applicable
  • Company Incorporation Number/Registration Number
  • REID Number
  • Date of Incorporation
  • Company Type: Private company limited by shares (Ltd), PLC,
  • Current Legal Status: in Good Standing, Struck Off, Striking off by the Registrar pending, Dissolved, Liquidation Pending, Liquidated
  • Date of Last Annual Return, date filed made up to
  • Date of Last Accounts, date filed made up to
  • Registered Office address
  • Share Capital - authorised nominal share capital
  • Total number of Shares issued

Including on each Shareholder:

  • Company Shareholder - Name
  • Company Shareholder - Address/Corporate Registered address
  • Company Shareholder - Nationality
  • Company Shareholder - Occupation/Corporate Body
  • Company Shareholder - Shares held
  • If Corporate shareholder the company name, company address and company registration number

Including on each Company Director:

  • Director - Full name
  • Director - Full address
  • Director - Occupation/Corporate Body
  • Director - Nationality
  • Director - Date Appointed/Resigned on

Including on each Company Secretary:

  • Company Secretary - Full name
  • Company Secretary - Full address
  • Company Secretary - Occupation/Corporate Body
  • Company Secretary - Nationality
  • Company Secretary - Date Appointed/Resigned on

Additional details including:

  • Additional Observations/Notes - where filed/available
  • Charges filed at Companies House
  • Accounts Filing History list including account year, date filed and date processed by the Gibraltar registry
  • Charges list including charge type - Deed, Supplemental Deed, Assignment, Charge: the registered, date satisfied and charge serial number
  • Company Filing History including the document filed, date filed and date processed by the registry

The search report is a summary of the latest information on the company held by Companies House.

In Gibraltar companies have a legal obligation to provide Companies House with up to date information, this includes filing of an annual return. The annual return includes changes to directors and shareholders details and the current registered office address.

Gibraltar Company Search Report - Timescale

The search report is delivered by email in 2 - 3 days.

Gibraltar Certificate of Good Standing

We can supply a Certificate of Good Standing from Companies House Gibraltar, certifying that the company is in Good Standing.

A company has to be up to date with the filing of its accounts and annual returns for Companies House to issue a Certificate of Good Standing.

The certificate is provided from the Companies House Gibraltar with an official stamp, seal and with the signature of an authorised officer.

Gibraltar Certificate of Good Standing

Gibraltar Certificate of Incorporation

We can provide an original certified copy of the Certificate of Incorporation for a company registered in Gibraltar.

This is an actual registry copy certificate delivered by courier.

Alternatively we can provide an electronic duplicate of a Gibraltar Certificate of Incorporation delivered by email as a PDF

Gibraltar Certificate of Incorporation

Memorandum and Articles of Association

We can supply registry copies of a Gibraltar company's Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association

These company documents includes the company’s name, business activities, objects and the internal rules under which the Gibraltar company will be run.

Complete Company file

We can supply a copy of the complete records filed with Companies House in Gibraltar, this includes all the documents available on the Gibraltar company. This is a comprehensive record of a Gibraltar company and can be provided by post only, a certified version of the company file is also available.

Gibraltar Company Accounts

Company documents filed at Companies House Gibraltar vary according to the classification of the company. With the filing of accounts companies are classified as small, medium-sized or large.

We can provide latest Directors' Report & Accounts for Companies registered in Gibraltar. The document once received from Companies House is delivered by email as a PDF.

As part of the new policies in Gibraltar, Companies House also now require that all companies file their balance sheets in order to remain in Good Standing.

Strike Off Documents

Companies in Gibraltar need to file an application to strike off a company, the Directors confirm that the company does not have any assets or liabilities in Gibraltar or abroad. We can supply a registry copy of a target company's strike off letter.

Gibraltar Companies Accounts Act 1999

Accounting and Disclosure Requirements

The Companies (Accounts) Ordinance 1999 implemented the EU 4th and 7th Directives which require public disclosure of certain corporate financial information on an annual basis.

The manner in which the law has been adopted in Gibraltar takes advantage of all exemptions available to smaller companies, both in the amount of details that need to be shown, and in the requirements for an annual audit as set out below.

It is important to note that these rules relate to the filing of corporate accounts at the Gibraltar Companies Registry only, and have no bearing whatsoever with any fiscal obligation to file accounts with the Gibraltar Income Tax Office.

Information Required

Medium Sized Companies

The definition of this type of company is one that fulfils 2 of the following criteria:

  • A turnover less than or equal to GBP £19.2 Million
  • A Balance Sheet total less than or equal to GBP £9.6 Million
  • An average number of employees less than or equal to 250

These companies may provide abridged Profit and Loss Accounts, more details may be provided on request.

Small Sized Companies

The definition of this type of company is one that fulfils 2 of the following criteria:

  • A turnover less than or equal to GBP £4.8 Million
  • A Balance Sheet total less than or equal to GBP £2.4 Million
  • An average number of employees less than or equal to 50

Most companies incorporated in Gibraltar will fall into this category. These companies need only file a Balance Sheet which will be required to be signed by a maximum of 2 Directors or, in the case of companies with only 1 Director, by the sole Director.

No audit of this type of company is required unless there is trading with Gibraltar customers, and there is no need for the preparation of a Directors Report.

The minimum contents of the Balance Sheet are as follows for companies qualifying as small.

  • Share Capital
  • Fixed Assets (separating Intangible, Tangible and Investments)
  • Current Assets (disclosing figures for Stock, Debtors, Short Term Investments and Bank Balances)
  • Prepayments and accrued income
  • Creditors due within one year
  • Creditors due after more than one year
  • Provisions and Charges
  • Accruals and deferred income
  • Capital and Reserves

Financial Statements

Company Type Average no. of employees Net annual turnover Balance sheet total Documents to be filed
Medium up to 250 up to £25.9 million up to £12.9 million same as above, except that the profit & loss account may be in abridged format
Small up to 50 up to £6.5 million up to £3.26 million only required to file abridged balance sheet

Company Credit Reports

In Gibraltar we can provide a credit report which is a summary of the latest information on the company held by Companies House.

Gibraltar credit reports include the following information, where available:

  • Company Registration information including address, registration date, registration number
  • Contact details including, telephone, email, website - where available
  • Credit recommendations, where financial data has been analysed
  • Commercial Credit Score
  • Type of company, size and trading status
  • Financial data - if filed
  • Shareholders and share capital
  • Company Directors
  • Associated companies
  • Public records
  • General information

Gibraltar companies have a legal obligation to provide the Registry with up to date information, this includes the filing of an annual return. The annual return includes changes to director's and shareholders' details and the current registered office address.

Apostille Company Documents

An Apostille is a certificate attached to an original Gibraltar company document which, confirms the authenticity of the signature and registry stamp.

The process of obtaining an Apostille is called Legalisation. We can provide Apostille company documents for companies registered in Gibraltar, these include:

  • Certificate of Good Standing
  • Memorandum & Articles of Association
  • Certificate of Incorporation

Gibraltar Certificate Timescale

Apostilled company documents takes 6-7 days and the original is delivered by courier.

Gibraltar Company Documents

We can provide copies of official company documents and conduct searches for companies registered in Gibraltar.

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Gibraltar Document Fees
  • Company Search Report - by email £86
  • Director's Report & Accounts - by email £64
  • Certificate of Good Standing - £120
  • Apostilled Certificate of Good Standing - £320