Local International Telephone Numbers

We can provide your business with a local telephone number from more than 80 countries. Ideal if you have an office in one country but are based in another or simply wish to add an international presence to your business.

Telephone calls diverted

  • A telephone number with an overseas divert facility to anywhere worldwide, you define where you wish calls to be answered
  • A dedicated country phone number service and free worldwide call routing to your home, office or mobile telephone

Telephone number and answering fees

Set-up Fee Phone Line £120
Annual phone number rental £240
Internet Message Viewing included
Worldwide Intelligent Call Routing included
Email message delivery (optional) included

Advantages of our Telephone Divert Service

  • Calls are forwarded to you efficiently around the world
  • No interference with any telecom's contracts or systems you currently have in place
  • Compatible with mobile and land line numbers
  • You will never miss important calls
  • Superb first impression

Add an international presence to your business with a dedicated country phone number.

Telephone Service - Order

Please email letting us know the country you want the telephone number in, country it needs to be redirected to and we can let you know the cost, telephone number options and timescale. It only takes 24 hours to set up the telephone service.