Portugal Ready Made Company

A Portuguese ready made company is the simplest and fast way to incorporate and commence business in Portugal. The biggest advantages being the avoidance of the complex registration process associated with incorporating a new company, the company already has an established business history and a ready made company can commence business immediately after purchase.

Once your company is transferred to your ownership and begins trading you must file the declaration of commencement of activities with the local tax office and inform the Conservat├│ria do Registo Comercial.

A Ready Made Company includes

Our Ready Made companies in Portugal are Private Limited companies, have never traded and have no debts, liabilities or receivables. A Portuguese ready made company is fully incorporated and includes:

  • Fully prepared, drafted and submitted Articles and Memorandum of Association
  • Initial share capital fully paid up
  • Certificate of Incorporation issued
  • Company name approved and registered - approved by the National Registry of Collective Persons
  • Identification card obtained from the RNPC
  • Registration at the Commercial Registry
  • Public announcement including copies of Articles and Memorandum of Association published in official gazette Diario da Rep├║blica
  • Drafted and signed statutes
  • Prepared and completed registration forms
  • Registration with the Department for Trade & Competition or at the corresponding Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Economy

Our Portuguese ready made companies have registered company names that are kept neutral, however, it is possible to change your company name upon request and can be done the same day of purchase. Name changes must be approved by the National Registry of Collective Persons and the company name must reflect the business activities of the company.

Our Portuguese ready made companies offer a wide range of business objects, however, business objects may be added or removed if required.

The registered address of a company may also be changed upon request.

All changes made must be registered with the Commercial Register.

New Shareholders

Upon purchase of the ready made company the shares are transferred to the buyer, transferring full ownership of the company. This process is done through a share transfer agreement, signed by both parties and authenticated by a notary. The new shareholder is required to provide identification documents.

Once ownership is transferred new share certificates are issued confirming the ownership.

Directors & Management

It is required to appoint new directors for your company upon purchase. As incorporation agents we currently act as company directors, but upon the purchase of the company we issue a directorship resignation. New directors are appointed through completing the relevant forms, or alternatively we can complete these if granted Power of Attorney.

Once appointed the new directors will receive the Certificate of Incorporation, Articles and Memorandum of Association, secretarial forms and all other official company documentation.

Corporate Reputation Benefits

An advantage to purchasing a ready made company is that all our Portuguese companies have been fully maintained since the date of incorporation regarding accounting and reporting. This includes annual returns, financial statements and company registers.

Our maintaining of the ready made company gives your company a good reputation, image and track record right from the moment you take control. This offers a number of benefits when conducting business in Portugal:

  • Investors see long-standing companies as less risky
  • Proven track record and company history is looked favourably upon by clients
  • Suppliers are more likely to trust a company with a proven track record of stability
  • Banks see long-standing companies as more stable than new companies and therefore are more likely to issue loans, leases and credit cards
  • Allows certain contract bidding - come contracts require a fixed business age before bidding is allowed

Once the company has been acquired you will receive copies of all accounting and documents filed since the date of incorporation.

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