Finland Ready Made Company

We have ready-made companies available all the time.

When a company is purchased, we will prepare the application for the VAT number and registration and submit it if the client requires it (included in the cost)

Timeframe: we obtain passport copy from you, prepare documentation the same day and send to you for signing. After the documentation is returned to us it will take approx 10 days in the Finnish business registry to process all the changes. The VAT registration takes about 1 month in Finland.

Ready-made company with a bank account (NORDEA bank), application for VAT and other registries: (1 board member, 1 substitute member - the substitute member is always needed, no signature though, just a person who has to be noted as contact).

Our ready made companies have no trading activities and no duties or obligations. Furthermore, a ready made company is authorised to commence business activities immediately after purchase; bypassing the formalities of registering a new company and allowing business activity to commence immediately. Our Finnish shelf companies are all Private Limited Companies, with fully paid up share capital.

Features of a Finnish ready made company include:

  • Fully prepared and drafted Articles and Memorandum of Association, plus other statutory documents
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Finnish company registered address - may be changed upon request
  • Finnish company name approved and registered - may be changed upon request, subject to the new chosen name being within the laws governing company names
  • Initial share capital fully paid up
  • Accounting, reporting and auditing documents all produced, maintained and submitted to the Finnish Trade Registry - E.g. Annual returns, Financial Statements, auditors reports, etc.
  • No need to visit Finland to obtain ownership of a shelf company

Ready made companies in Finland have no trade history, but the accounting and reporting requirements being held gives the company a fully established and credible history - offering certain benefits not available to new company registrations:

  • Company image and reputation is trustworthy, credible and positive - Effecting relationships with clients and suppliers
  • Age implies the company is in a good position and can be trusted - Bank loans, leases, credit cards and other products are easier to obtain with a trustworthy company image
  • Bidding on certain contracts require a fixed company age

Our companies have been created for the purpose of sale, have a wide range of business objects suiting a range of business types; however, business objects may be added or removed upon request. Most aspects of a shelf company, such as name, registered address, business objects, directors may all be changed.

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