Egypt Company Formations

Egypt Company Incorporation
  • Obtain a company name certificate from the Commercial Registry
  • Liaising with the local registrar and relevant authorities
  • Prepare your Company Registration forms
  • Obtain a certificate from the bank showing the full amount of company's capital
  • Visit the Companies Department with the amendments to the model of statutes to the Incorporation Unit at the Companies Department
  • File the documents with the Incorporation Unit at the Legal Department of the Companies Department
  • Official newspaper announcement of the company
  • Appoint the Directors
  • Payment of services of the investment department for establishing a limited company
  • Translating the company contract from Arabic into English with an official translator
  • Notarise company's contract at the Public Notary Office affiliated to the Department of Companies
  • Obtain the Notification of Incorporation and Chamber of Commerce permit
  • Register for sales tax and obtain a tax card from the Tax Authority
  • Initial Government licence fee payable on incorporation
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Issue of shares and production of Share Certificates
  • All documents and certificates supplied in a professional folder
  • Delivery of documents by FedEx / DHL courier

Egypt Company Registration

The management of a limited liability company may be assigned to one or more directors. At least one director must be of Egyptian nationality. The director(s) must be named in the Memorandum of Association but need not be a shareholder(s). The director(s) shall have full authority to represent the company; unless such authority is limited by the Memorandum of Association. A foreign owner, to be the sole director, must obtain a residence visa and his paid up capital should not be less than €19,000.

Limited Liability Companies

The Egyptian limited liability company has a minimum of two shareholders and a maximum of fifty. Shareholder may not transfer their shareholding in the company to third parties without first offering it to existing shareholders.

  • The minimum share capital of a LLC is 1000 EGP (€150) - the share capital must be fully paid up at incorporation
  • Shares must be of equal value and cannot have a nominal value, no share certificates are issued for LLC
  • At least one of the directors must be of Egyptian nationality.
  • A minimum of two founding shareholders is required and a maximum of fifty shareholders is permitted (shareholders may be individuals or legal entities)
  • The company name may refer to its activities and may include the name of one or more shareholders
  • LLC may not issue bonds
  • Shareholders wishing to transfer their shares in a LLC must first offer them to existing shareholders
  • The Statutes of a LLC may prohibit any transfer of shares unless approved by the other shareholders

LLC Company Incorporation

The founding shareholders of the company must submit an application requesting permission to incorporate a limited liability company. The ministerial decision implementing the Commercial Companies Law outlines the mandatory provisions that must be included in the Memorandum of Association.

The company is incorporated once it is registered in the Commercial Register. The company must also maintain a Register of Partners in its head office, which must contain the names, nationalities, domiciles and occupations of the partners, the number of shares owned by each partner, the sum paid by each and the assignment or transfer of shares and related relevant information.

Company Name

The trade name of the limited liability company is usually derived from its object, but may also include the name(s) of one or more of its partners. Additionally, the words 'Limited Liability Company' must be included in the name. Certain words are prohibited such as names suggesting the patronage of any Government or country. A name may be reserved for 10 days.

Company Directors

  • At least one director must be of Egyptian nationality.
  • Only one director is required.
  • There are no nationality restrictions on the other directors.
  • The director can be a person or a corporation.

Company Shareholders

  • Shareholders may be of any nationality
  • Two shareholders are required.
  • No more than 50 shareholders.
  • The shareholder can be a person or a corporation.

Share Capital

The minimum share capital of a limited liability company is 1000 EGP (€150). The nominal value of the share cannot be less than 1000 EGP. Any shareholder can sell his or her shares to outsiders providing that he has already offered them to the other shareholders.

If a foreign partner(s) in a limited liability company wishes to repatriate his or her capital out of Egypt, he or she has to sell his or her shares or liquidate the company (if he or she actually owns all or most of it), deposit the proceeds of sale or liquidation in an account at one of the accredited banks in Egypt, and the bank will realise the required repatriation of the funds, free of any taxes or duties.

Registered Office

You must have a registered office in the Egypt and we provide these services.

Egypt - Ready Made Company

Unfortunately, ready made companies are not permitted in Egypt.

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Egypt fees to Incorporate
  • Time - 1 weeks to incorporate your Egyptian company
  • Company Formation - £2880
  • Registered Office Fee - £1320
Egypt Advantages
  • Directors - only 1 director is necessary for your company
  • Directors - an Egyptian director is required - we can provide you with a nominee
  • Shareholders - only 2 shareholders are required
  • Share Capital - the minimum share capital requirement is 1000 EGP (€150)
  • Registered Office - your company requires a registered office in Egypt, which we can provide
  • Support - using our 20 years experience we guide you throughout every step of the company formation process