Denmark Ready Made Company

By purchasing a ready made company in Denmark your company is authorised to begin trading immediately and you are not required to prepare many of the documents associated with registering a new company.

A ready made company is fully registered, including:

  • Drafted and prepared Articles and Memorandum of Association, along with other statutory documents
  • Registration with the relevant authorities in Denmark
  • A registered office address
  • Initial share capital fully paid up
  • Company name approved and registered
  • Certificates of Incorporation have been issued

Our companies are international business companies and have a wide range of business objects suitable for a variety of business needs. Company names are kept neutral, such as Investments and Property, but can be changed on the day of incorporation if required.

Purchasing a ready made company offers credibility to your company, not something available to newly registered companies. While our companies are sitting on the 'shelf' we maintain the company accounts and records up to standards in Denmark, which includes preparing a submitting financial statements, annual returns, auditors reports, etc creating a clean and solid company history, having the following benefits:

  • Clients are more likely to conduct business with a well established company with history
  • Bank loans, lease agreements, credit cards and other financial products are more likely to be granted - banks see a solid and positive company history as being a proven track record for being reliable and in a good position
  • Company image and reputation is positive, having been established and trouble free for a number of years
  • Business relationships with suppliers is influenced by how much the supplier trusts you, this trust is increased with a credible company history
  • Investment capital is easier to raise as investors see the company as established and low risk

On purchase of a ready made company, new directors need to be appointed. This requires completing and signing transfer documents, we can complete these documents on your behalf if granted Power of Attorney. Upon purchase of a ready made company it is authorised to commence trading, and all official documents, including Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum and Articles of Association and the secretarial form will be received by the new directors. The share of a Danish company are quick and simple to transfer, and once the company has been purchased share ownership forms will be issued to the new owners.

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