Curacao Gambling License

Curacao can provide e-gaming license's for the activity of online gambling. Curaçao has been providing Curaçao e-gaming licenses since 1996.

Incorporation process for gaming company in Curacao

A company looking to obtain a gaming license from Curacao is not required to be registered in the jurisdiction. For example a company registered in Belize can successfully apply for a Curaçao e-gaming license as long as it fulfils the criteria

E-Gaming License

When obtaining an e-gaming license from Curacao, you have two options a full license or a sub-license both of which allow you to operate as a provider. The difference between a full license and a sub-license is that with a full license, you will be able to offer sub-licenses to others. If you have opted for a sub-license, then you cannot offer more licenses to others.

The requirements to qualify for e-gaming license:

  • Certificate of no criminal record of the shareholders of the company
  • Notarised or certified copy of passport
  • Bank references of the shareholders; not older than 3 months
  • Notarised or certified copies of utility bills not older than 3 months
  • Description of the games offered
  • Confirmation of the RNG application and its fairness (3rd party certification)
  • Details about the software including TST (or similar) report if available,
  • Geographic market
  • Declaration of owners that they have blocked access to the services for minors and information of problem gambling on the website;
  • Hosting of a minimum of a backup of the customer and transaction database in Curaçao

The Gaming Company can be used to:

  • Offer any online gaming and betting product including but not limited to a casino, sports book, lottery or bingo establishment world wide with no restrictions on target markets with the exception of the USA and any other restricted countries
  • Enter into agreements with multiple merchant services providers, software providers etc.
  • Open and operate bank accounts anywhere in the world where gaming businesses are accepted. We can assist with bank account introduction in Belize and St Vincent

Advantages over other jurisdiction

Curacao has one advantages over other jurisdictions for online gambling or casino companies - One license covers full range of activities such as casino, betting and poker.

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