Bulgaria Ready Made Company

Ready made companies are fully registered, with all the necessary registration procedures complete, including deposit of the initial share capital, drafting Articles of Association, registration with the Bulgarian Trade Register and registration for VAT. Bulgarian ready made companies may commence trading within 24 hours of purchase. This makes purchasing a ready made company an ideal alternative to incorporating a new company if a company is required quickly.

From the day of registration companies are fully maintained up to Bulgarian standards, which includes filing of financial documents and adhering to reporting and auditing standards providing a clean and stable history for the company. Companies have no debt, initial capital fully paid up and no receivables or liabilities.

A major benefit to purchasing a ready made company is that the tedious and time consuming procedure is not necessary as we have already registered the company, this includes:

  • Registration with the Regional Social Security Institute
  • Registration with the Territorial Tax Authorities
  • Registration with the BULSTAT
  • Preparation and drafting of the Articles of Association
  • Publication of the company formation in the State Official Gazette
  • Translated copies of all documents, signed by a Bulgarian translator
  • VAT Registration

A new incorporation in Bulgaria generally takes around 10 days to complete, however, when purchasing a ready made company your business can commence trading immediately from the day of purchase when the share transfer agreement has been signed.

A ready made company offers benefits regarding reputation and credibility. As all documents, accounts and reports have been filed in accordance with Bulgarian business law the company has a full, clean and credible history, offering greater reputation for securing business deals, loans and investment capital. A ready made company gives your company a boost in the business world, contrasting to a new incorporation with no proven track record.

Our Bulgarian ready made companies are suitable for any business activity and have a wide range of business objects. Company names are kept neutral, such as Industries, Investments, Property, etc, however, we are able to conduct a company name change if required. The registered address of your Bulgarian company may also be changed upon request.

Once you have chosen and purchased your Bulgarian company you are required to complete documentation appointing a new director(s), or alternatively by providing us with Power of Attorney we are able to prepare these on your behalf. New directors will receive all official documentation, including a Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum and Articles of Association.

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