Overseas Bank Account

Once we have incorporated your company, we can assist you in opening a business bank account. We will liaise with the bank on your behalf throughout the application process. The procedure can be completed remotely; there is no requirement for you to make a personal visit to the bank branch or travel to our office.

We offer introductions to Euro-Pacific and Choice Bank for all your corporate banking requirements. The process can take up to 2 weeks for completion and costs £650 (plus VAT). Our fee is inclusive of all courier costs (if applicable) and a full set of apostilled company documents, as required by the bank.

Both of the above mentioned banks offer full banking facilities, i.e. online account access, credit/cash cards, and accounts in all major currencies - Euros, British Pound Sterling, US/Canadian Dollar and Japanese Yen. You have the option to hold only one, or multiple accounts in multiple currencies.

Kindly note that, in most jurisdictions, there is no legal requirement for you to open a bank account in the jurisdiction where your company is incorporated. We have relationships with banks in several other countries including Cyprus, Malta, Latvia, Switzerland and the Seychelles. Please contact us if you would like more information on any of these Banks.

Personal Due Diligence Requirements

To open your account, the bank will require you to supply the following documents for all company directors, beneficial owners & account signatories:

  • Certified passport copy or a government issued ID card. ID must be current, and have an expiry date and a signature
  • Certified proof of address. Ideally a utility bill confirming your residential address, dated within the last 2 months
  • Bank reference. A letter from your Bank (on their letterhead) confirming that your account with them is in Good Standing

Corporate Due Diligence Requirements

The bank will require copies of the following company documents:

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association/Incorporation
  • List of Directors
  • List of Shareholders, including the full name and address of each beneficial owner holding 5% or more of the company's shares
  • Certificate of Good Standing (if registered for more than 1 year)

We will obtain a full set of apostilled corporate documents on your behalf from the Registry in the jurisdiction where your company is registered.

You will need to supply a detailed overview of your company's primary business activities/operations, and an indication of anticipated transactions on the current account.

If you wish to proceed with our bank introductory service, please complete the quick questionnaire on the following link and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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