Canada Company Formations

Canada Company Incorporation

A Canadian corporation can be formed in one of two ways:

Choose to incorporate Federally or Provincially

Advantages of federal incorporation:

If you incorporate provincially, your corporation only has the right to carry on business in the province where your business is incorporated.

You can always get an extra-provincial incorporation - incorporating your business in another province as your business expands.

Federal Canadian Corporation

As a Federal Corporation in Canada you are entitled to use your name in any province in Canada. You may still be required to meet individual provincial registration and taxation requirements.

With a Federal Company, one of the directors must be a Canadian resident.

The company may conduct business in any or all provinces.

It will take around two weeks for the registration process to be completed. A number of ready made companies which have been pre-registered are also available.

Provincial Canadian Corporation

When you incorporate in one Canadian province, your corporation will only have the right to carry out business within that province and your corporation's name is only protected there.

The provinces of British Columbia, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Quebec allow non-Canadian residents to incorporate companies.

We can also incorporate your company in the provinces of Alberta or Ontario, these require a Canadian resident director.

Non-Resident Company Formation in Canada

A non-resident of Canada wishing to incorporate a company in Canada may do so through us. Our non-residents incorporation provides you with a Canadian company with a Registered Agent and a Registered Office.

Key Features of our Non-Resident incorporation package:

Company Registration

The Canadian Business Corporations Act

Provides the basic corporate governance framework for many small and medium-sized Canadian enterprises as well as many of the largest corporations operating in Canada.

Company Name

Corporate names in Canada can be in English or French or in a combined English French version.

The Registrar of the Provincial Registry or Federal Corporations Directorate, requires that the name is unique and not similar nor the same as any other registered company.

If incorporating federally, or in provinces such as Ontario, you will need to have a NUANS search done and then submit the NUANS report.

In other provinces, such as British Columbia and Nova Scotia, you must have a name search done once a Name Approval Request or Name Reservation Request Form, is completed. If the results of the search are acceptable it is then reserved for a limited time; during which incorporation process must be completed.

Proposed company name

Selecting a corporate name, a corporate name is composed of three elements:

Corporate names in Canada can be in English or French, in both English and French.

The Registrar of the provincial Registry or Federal Corporations Directorate, requires a name that is unique and not similar in any form, to any other company name.

Choose a name for your new company.

Have your company name searched and reserved

You will need to have a name search. This will determine the availability and suitability of the corporate name you have chosen.

If incorporating federally, or in provinces such as Ontario, you will need to have a NUANS search and then submit the NUANS report.

In other provinces, such as British Columbia and Nova Scotia, you must have a name search once you have submitted a Name Approval Request. If the result of the search is acceptable, and your name is accepted, it is then reserved for a set number of days – during which time you must complete the incorporation process for your business or restart the procedure over again.

To incorporate your business, you will need to prepare the following incorporation documents:

If incorporating federally, we will prepare a Notice of Directors and submit a federal NUANS report.

Shareholders of your company.

Appoint directors for your company.

Company Incorporation Documents

Once incorporated we provide a set of corporate documents for your Canadian company which, includes the Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum of Association the Articles of Association, first minutes and share certificates. Copies of the company incorporation documents are sent via email and the originals from the companies registry are sent to you in a corporate folder.

Registered Office

Your Canada company must have a registered office, which must be a physical address in Canada. The registered office is where documents may be legally served on the company. We provide this registered office service in Canada.

Complete corporate bylaws, organizational minutes and issue shares

Once your corporation is incorporated. The organization of the corporation must be documented in the corporate minute book.

The corporate bylaws are a set of regulations setting out how the corporation will govern itself. Regulations such as the rights and obligations of officers, will be set out in the bylaws.

The organization of the corporation will be achieved by a meeting of the corporation’s directors or shareholders, or by written resolutions signed by all the directors or shareholders.

At the first meeting, you will:

Canada Company Formations

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