Belize Company Restorations

Every IBC registered in Belize must pay an annual fee at the latest by December 31st of the financial year. If the company does not pay its annual fee will result in the company being struck off the companies register on January 1st the following year.

Once a company is struck off it is possible to have it restored, we are able to assist and advise on the restoration process to put your company back on the companies register, be placed back into a state of good standing and be authorised to begin trading again.

In order to have a company restored all arrears, penalties and outstanding charges must be fully paid and a restoration fee must be paid to the Registry. The restoration fee is fixed for a period of 6 months after the company is struck off, after 6 months the fee increases.

Our Restoration fees will include:

  • Payment of annual registered agent and government fees for the years your Belize was struck off inclusive of late penalty fees
  • Current year registered agent and government fees
  • Registered agent restoration fees
  • Government restoration fees US$750

Once the above fees are paid, the Belize company can be restored in a few business days.

If your company is not restored after 3 years of being struck off it will be involuntarily dissolved by the Belize registry on January 1st.

Company Restoration

If you require a company to be restored we will need the name of the company and its date of incorporation in order to provide an accurate quotation of the restoration fees.

Effect of a company being struck off

A company struck off the register is unauthorised to trade and is not considered in a position of good standing with the authorities. The company still remains liable for all claims, debts, liabilities and obligations it has but the liability of the members, directors, shareholders and agents remains limited.

Involuntarily Dissolved

Once a company is struck off there is a three year period in which the company may be restored relatively quickly and easily. After the three years has passed the Belize registry moves to involuntarily dissolve the company. A fully dissolved company may still be restored if all arrears and penalties are settled but the process will take much longer, is more complicated and will require special permission from the Registrar. We are able to advise with the restoration of dissolved companies and guide you through the process.

Late Filing Penalties

Annual fees are due on 1st of January following the date of incorporation, if your company fails to pay the annual fees by the 31st July the licence fee will increase by 10%.

If your company fails to pay the annual fees by the 31st October the licence fee will increase further by 50% and if your annual fees remain unpaid after the 31st day of December, your company will be struck from the Register of Companies.

Transferring Registered Agent

A Belize company can only be restored by the registered agent on record, or the agent must be changed to a new agent undertaking the company restoration, which we can organise.

Belize Restoration fees
  • Time - 10 days to restore your Belize company
  • Belize Government fee - US$ 750
  • Belize Agent fee - US$ 500
  • Registered Office Fee - £320 per year
  • Our Fee - £240