Bahamas Company Restorations

The IBC 2010 Act stipulates that when a Bahamas company has been struck off the Companies Register for non-payment of fees for a period exceeding five years, an application has to be made to the Court for the IBC to be restored.

The court have to be satisfied that it would be fair and reasonable for the company to be restored to the Register, if granted, all of the annual fees and payments would need to be brought up to date..

Upon restoration, the name of the Bahamas company shall be deemed never to have been struck off the register.

Restoring a company to the register

Where the Bahamas company has been struck-off the Register the company or a director, member, liquidator or receiver thereof may make the application for restoration of the name of the company to the Register.

We can assist in the restoration of your Bahamas company after it has been struck-off the Register.

Effect of a company being struck off

Where the company has been struck-off the Register the company and the directors, shareholders, liquidators and receivers thereof may not:

  • Commence legal proceedings, carry on any business or in any way deal with the assets of the company;
  • Defend any legal proceedings, make any claim or claim any right for, or in the name of the company; or
  • Act in any way with respect to the affairs of the Bahamas company

The fact that your Bahamas company is struck off the Register does not prevent the following:

  • The company from incurring liabilities;
  • Any creditor from making a claim against that company through to judgment or execution; or
  • The appointment by the court of an official liquidator for that company under section 168 of the Companies Act
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